Taches brunes : comment les enlever ?

Dark spot, how to remove them?

Pour prévenir et éliminer les taches pigmentaires, il est primordial de miser sur des soins ciblés enrichis en actifs anti-taches. PATYKA vous livre ses meilleurs conseils pour retrouver un teint unifié

Dark spots: how to get rid of them?

What are dark spots?

Also known as age spots or sun spots, they appear on the skin and become more common with age. These spots are in fact a heterogeneous pigmentation of the skin due to melanin clusters in the skin cells (or keratinocytes). Although they generally increase with age, they can occur at any age for both men and women.

What is the origin of dark spots?

Contrary to what one might think, they are not necessarily due to age and many different causes are to blame. Indeed, these dark spots can be caused by multiple factors and can be avoided by adapting one's lifestyle and using appropriate cosmetic treatments. Here are the main factors responsible for the apparition of pigment spots:

Solar exposure

Prolonged exposure to sun or without sunscreen with adequate SPF is the first cause of pigment spots.

Indeed, dark spots caused by sun affect 90% of people over 60, but also many younger men and women.
Two main factors are involved in the formation of sunspots: the normal process of photo-aging but also the way we protect our skin from UV rays.

Skin aging

Even though the appearance of dark spots is accentuated by solar exposure, with age, cell renewal slows down and our cells are less resistant to free radicals. The complexion is then less even, less luminous and we observe the apparition of dark spots.
Not Everyone is equal over aging skin and some people tend to have more pigmentation spots than others.


Tobacco causes degradation of the dermis fibers and is also one of the main causes for premature skin aging with sun exposure. Cigarettes and nicotine disrupt the irrigation of skin tissues and cells and participate in the slowdown of cell renewal. As skin regenerates less efficiently, cigarette causes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, the complexion is less bright and dark spots appear.


Pollution is a strong factor in the appearance of spots and concerns everyone. The particles floating in the air are extremely thin and penetrate the skin, thus causing cellular damage creating the appearance of spots of pigmentation and fine lines.

Acne or injuries

Acne pimples or injuries can leave marks of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. When a pimple is present on your skin, it is accompanied by an inflammation, which is a normal skin defense mechanism. In some people, this inflammation can also be accompanied by a rise of melanin, leaving a brown mark on the skin.

Anti dark-spot routine to remove pigmentation spots

Exfoliate your skin regularly for more effective dark spot correcting care

"Enzymatic" exfoliation involves letting an exfoliant containing an acidic substance on the skin such as fruit acids to gently remove dead skin cells. Fruit acids are particularly used for the treatment of mature skin to treat age spots, loss of elasticity and wrinkles as they penetrate deeper into the skin. The Double-Action Smoothing Scrub combines 3 exfoliant actives including fruit acids for a triple action: soothing, refining and radiance enhancing.

Pick an adapted spot correcting treatment to efficiently reduce dark spots

Before opting for radical and heavy treatments such as laser, cryotherapy or chemical peels, you can turn to a cosmetic routine adapted to correct and remove dark spots. These cosmetics are less aggressive to the skin; they help to limit the apparition of dark spots and reduce their surface and pigmentation.

In order to reduce and eliminate the pigmentation of pigment spots, you can use anti-stain creams or serums.
Select creams and serum that inhibit melanin, responsible for dark spots formation. 

Sea fern and Oxyresveratrol are very effective against pigment spots and can significantly reduce the size and intensity of spots. Thanks to the combined action of these two natural active ingredients, tyrosine does not turn into melanin and does not migrate to the surface of the skin. They then make it possible to regulate the production of melanin while fading the already visible pigmentary spots.

Remember that if you choose to use a pigment spot correcting skincare, it takes about 4 months, being about 3 cell renewal cycles.

Use antioxidant-rich skincare products for prevention

Antioxidants are the star ingredients to prevent the apparition of age spots and delay the signs of aging.

Indeed, they protect the skin from free radicals and effectively fight against the process of skin oxidation and skin aging. They make the complexion brighter and more even while protecting your skin from future pigment spots.   Antioxidant Perfecting Serum and   Antioxidant Smoothing Cream are two rich anti-oxidant and anti-pollution treatments for long-lasting skin protection. In order to protect your skin from pollution, you can also keep the   Anti-Pollution Hydra-Defense Mist in your bag, to refresh your face all day long. Bonus, it also sets your makeup!

Adopt daily sun protection

Wearing sunscreen every day protects your skin against premature wrinkles and brown spots formation!

Fragile areas such as the face, neck, chest, and hands are the first areas on which the pigment spots appear. In order to better protect them, apply a higher SPF on these fragile areas and take care not to forget them.

During direct sun exposure, especially at the beach, remember to wear a hat and sunglasses!