Rentrée : Comment éviter les imperfections de retour de vacances ?


Pour prévenir et éliminer les taches pigmentaires, il est primordial de miser sur des soins ciblés enrichis en actifs anti-taches. PATYKA vous livre ses meilleurs conseils pour retrouver un teint unifié

So you’ve returned from your holiday with a glowing complexion but soon afterwards notice imperfections appearing? Don’t worry: this is completely normal! Here, the PATYKA experts explain how to fight this rebound effect.

During your holiday, your skin is smothered for several reasons:

  • Due to heat and humidity, the skin produces more sebum.
  • Suncare products often make skin oily.
  • UV rays can affect the cells which deal with skin renewal, leading to less elastin and collagen production. The skin becomes less stretchy and thicker. The excess sebum produced in the sebaceous glands then stagnates in the glands and channels along which it is meant to flow: the pilosebaceous follicles. The result is clogged pores.

Oily skin, clogged pores and sebum build-up are the exact conditions that encourage bacteria to grow in the sebaceous glands:Propionibacterium acnes. These bacteria are always present, but normally in lower numbers. They can grow without oxygen and are made up of substances which can lead to inflammation.

During a holiday, your imperfections seem to disappear beneath your tan but when you return the disappointment sets in: skin becomes thinner, pores get larger and spots’s the rebound effect!

What can you do to get rid of imperfections?

To avoid imperfections appearing on your face after a holiday in the sun and enjoy your tan for longer, we recommend three things:cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising.

1 - Cleanse your skin to reduce sebum production.

Spearmint Purifying Foaming Gel gets rid of excess sebum and impurities, tightening pores and eliminating toxins with spearmint and tea tree essential oils.

Lather the gel onto your face in the evening. Your skin will be able to breathe once again!

2 - Exfoliate skin to unclog pilosebaceous follicles.

Double Action Smoothing Scrub contains jojoba wax microspheres, bamboo powder and jojoba oil. These actives help clear dead cells, stimulate cellular renewal and refine skin texture.

Use the scrub once or twice a week.

3 - Moisturise your skin morning and evening. This is essential all year round, but especially after repeated sun exposure!

Sacred Lotus Face Cream is a gentle lotion which leaves skin radiant and the complexion brightened. It contains sacred lotus with antioxidant properties, an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory plant complex and regenerating aloe vera extract.

We recommend applying the cream morning and evening.

The Intensive Moisturising Mask softens, nourishes and firms dehydrated skin. Its actives include glasswort extract which densifies and restructures skin and shea butter to soothe irritation. Both also boost collagen and elastin production.

Use the mask two to three times a week.

A handy hint:

Hair often comes back from holiday dry and damaged, but Huile Absolue can help revive it! Use on the ends or as a mask.

Our cult product can also be used on the body! It gives weakened skin a real boost and helps it fight ageing caused by sun exposure.