Préparer ses jambes avant l'été : les bons gestes !

How to: Prepare your legs for summer

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Leg care: how to prepare your legs before the summer? 

1. Eliminate dead skin and smooth the skin of your legs with a scrub 

Essential step to prepare your legs for tanning and before any hair removal, we go through the scrub step. 

Exfoliation restores radiance and softness to the skin. Ideally, exfoliate the legs once or twice a week to eliminate dead skin, making the legs silky soft. In order not to attack the skin too much, take care to remain delicate and to exfoliate the day before waxing the legs rather than the same day. 

To scrub your legs, choose a coarse-grained scrub such as the  Marine Crystals Revitalizing Body Scrub and make upward circular motions, starting from the ankles. Emphasize the pressure on rougher areas such as knees and areas where cellulite usually is apparent: upper thighs and glutes.

Remember, after a scrub, it is ESSENTIAL to moisturize, to avoid irritation and calm down the skin. 

Gommage Corps

2. Moisturize for pretty soft legs 

For pretty soft legs, count on a good hydration! 

Dry skin can have a not flattering crocodile appearance that can be easily avoided by hydrating the skin of the legs daily. Creams, milk, oils, choose the texture that you prefer to keep a soft skin durably. If you need to dress up immediately after, or that you do not like sticky textures, the  Almond Blossom Body Lotion is for you! 

A little tip: once out of the shower, gently wipe up and apply your care once the skin dry. Indeed, spreading a body lotion on wet skin dilutes the product and makes it less effective. 

Apply your treatment from bottom to top with massage motions, start at the level of the feet and then go up to the top of the thighs. This will effectively activate blood circulation. 

Nothing better to highlight the legs than using an oil with a satin finish. Our favorite one is the  Huile Absolue , which will sublimate your legs during summer evenings. 

Lait Corps Hydratant

3. Deflate and tone your legs 

Swollen feet, ankles or calves, heaviness in the legs; these are signs of poor blood circulation and water retention. In order to make the most of your summer and deflate your legs, here are our tips to stop it: 

Massage your legs with essential oils 

Essential oils known for their invigorating and stimulating blood circulation are: essential oils of lavender, mint, and eucalyptus. 

To relieve heavy or swollen legs, add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to a vegetable oil such as sweet almond oil and massage your legs to reduce tension and stimulate blood circulation. 

Do cold footbaths Cold salted-water 

Foot baths eliminate toxins, boost venous circulation and soothe heavy legs at the end of the day with their whiplash effect. 

To do this foot bath: fill in a basin with fresh water (around 15 ° C), add two tablespoons of coarse salt and few drops of essential oils of lavender and mint and then dive your legs for ten minutes. 

Finish your shower with cold water 

The second tip is to stimulate blood circulation thanks to cold water. Orientate the jet of water on areas prone to cellulite such as hips and thighs. This simple gesture activates venous and blood circulation while providing a draining feeling to the legs.

Stimulate venous circulation with horse chestnut

 It's no secret, cellulite and water retention affect the appearance of the legs. Which is even more pronounced with the warmth. Thus, to restore good circulation, use a product known for centuries for its benefits: horse chestnut. Thanks to it, the vessels tighten, the blood circulation is stimulated and the legs are light again. 

Combattre la cellulite

4. Tone and firm-up your skin with skincare 

As a boost, firming cares help to improve the skin texture. 

Firming and toning cares are a great help to smooth and firm the skin. Combined with physical activity, these draining and firming skincare help tone the skin and fight against cellulite. To be effective, be regular: apply morning and evening for at least 2 months your skincare and improve its effectiveness with long massages and palpate-rolling motions. 

Before summer, you can also opt for slimming treatments at a beautician to put the odds on your side! 

5. Shape your thighs with "slim legs" exercises 

To slim down or shape your legs, nothing better than sports and targeted exercises for legs. If the skincare can help to smooth the skin, the sports muscle your legs and help you to sharpen and draw them.

Préparer ses jambes avant l'été