Contour des yeux : les bons gestes


Pour prévenir et éliminer les taches pigmentaires, il est primordial de miser sur des soins ciblés enrichis en actifs anti-taches. PATYKA vous livre ses meilleurs conseils pour retrouver un teint unifié

Why is that important to take care of your eye-contour?

Did you know that the skin around the eyes is 3 to 5 times thinner than the rest of your face? It is also poor in sebaceous glands, as well as in collagen and elastin fibers and is, therefore, drier and more prone to wrinkles. Fragile, the skin around the eyes is also very solicited. You may not realize it, but you perform about 30,000 eyebolts a day!

If the eye contour shows signs of skin aging more quickly such as the apparition of crow's feet, it is useful to know the right gestures to take care of it!

Taking care of the eye-contour: the right gestures!

Proceed to a gentle eye makeup removal 

Carefully remove your eye makeup, morning and evening.

It is essential to remove makeup in order to take away all traces of makeup.

For this important step, avoid rubbing too hard!

To gently remove make-up and other impurities from the eye area, a mild cleanser such as a cleansing oil that does not harm the eye area or a mild micellar lotion, without aggressive surfactants and without alcohol. Also, prefer finger removal rather than using cotton pads: the fibers are aggressive and dry out the eye contour. The  Remarkable Cleansing Oil gently removes makeup and is suitable for all types of skin, even the most sensitive, and for wearers of lenses.

If your mascara is resistant or waterproof, you don't need to rub harder because it may irritate your eye area or cause the loss of eyelashes. The easiest and most effective solution is to put a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover on your eye for a few seconds and then start again to remove all makeup.

Focus on natural ingredients

The Eye area is particularly sensitive AND close to your eyes. It is, therefore, better to promote mild formulas adapted to sensitive skins.

Choosing organic products certified by a label helps you to avoid potentially toxic or controversial ingredients. Formulas of certified organic skincare meet very high-quality requirements. Organic labels such as Cosmebio and Ecocert ensure you that your products are free of parabens, silicones, PEG, phthalates, Phenoxyethanol, etc.

Well hydrating the eye area is essential

Since the eye area is naturally drier than the rest of the face, and therefore more prone to dehydration, moisturizing it on a daily basis is essential. From the age of 25, add to your beauty routine an eye care to apply morning and evening in order to provide hydration and preserve the elasticity of this thin skin.

Choose the appropriate eye contour treatment

Just as when choosing your skin moisturizer to suit your skin type, it is essential to use specific care for the eye contour which is adapted to your age.
Indeed, after 35 years, the skin of the eye area begins to show signs of aging, so we have to move towards a richer eye cream and with a filling anti-wrinkle action that smooths the wrinkles and fine lines such as the Youthful Lift Eye Cream.
Mature skins will appreciate its rich and cocooning textures which regenerate and comfort.

Younger, we can move towards anti-fatigue care with light texture, which deal with dark circles and bags under the eyes. Some treatments are even equipped with a decongestant roll-on tip very practical and ultra-effective, this is the case of the Energising Eye Gel.

Keep your eye product ... cool !

A little extra advice: Keeping your eye cream in a cool place (such as in the fridge) can bring an immediate cooling effect at the application, which stimulates blood circulation, smoothes the bags under the eyes and reduces dark circles.

Massage the eye contour when applying the treatment

Massage your eye contour promotes the penetration of active ingredients in the skin and helps to smooth the eye bags!
Carrying a massage of your eye area can relaunch the micro-circulation and thus unclog the bags under the eyes.

How to perform this massage?

Perform light strokes with the fingertips from the inner corner of the eye outward, to the top of the cheekbones.

Protect your eye contour from the sun and pollution.

Even though we cannot stop smiling, we must not forget to protect our skin from the sun and pollution which are two causes of premature aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles. To protect one's skin, think of applying a sunscreen before any exit and draws the anti-pollution care.

For beautiful sunny days, we think of well-covering sunglasses.

The sunglasses have a dual interest: in addition to protecting the eye contour of the sun, they prevent squinting of the sun's rays that could promote the appearance of wrinkles at the corners of eyes.

Think about making a specific mask for the eye area

When our skin is tight or dehydrated, we often think of making a mask for the face, but what about the eye contour?

Know that you can also make a mask for your eye contour. Be careful though, your face mask is generally not suitable for this sensitive area. So choose a mask especially for the eye contour or a rich enough eye cream, preferably natural and that can be applied as a thick layer, such as the Youthful Lift Eye Cream. 

Once a week lay a specific mask around the eyes to plump and smooth the skin.


Avoid waxing your eyebrows

When waxing, this is particularly traumatic for the eyelids. These are stretched, heated, and it spoils them, which can even aggravate the drooping eyelids. Stick to the tweezers which remains the least aggressive solution for the eyelids.