Pores dilatés : comment resserrer les pores ?

Large pores: How to fight them?

Pour prévenir et éliminer les taches pigmentaires, il est primordial de miser sur des soins ciblés enrichis en actifs anti-taches. PATYKA vous livre ses meilleurs conseils pour retrouver un teint unifié

Enlarged pores are a common beauty problem. Adopting a new beauty routine, natural and targeted, can, however, retrieve a beautiful and healthy skin.

Say no to large pore: The guide on How to fight them

Large pores: the reason for their appearance and the consequences

The physiological reasons behind large pores

In front of the mirror, you can start to notice that your skin is getting more texture and more imperfections. Makeup, even a full coverage one, is not enough to cover these small holes on the surface of your skin. 

Large pores are located on the infamous T-zone, which is the chin and the nose - the area that extends to the cheeks as well - and the lower part of the forehead. The sebaceous glands are mainly located in these areas.  

The pore is the location of the hair follicle and the sebaceous gland. They allow the skin to breathe, in a certain way, by letting the sebum and the sweat to evacuate. 

However, saying that large pores are exclusively an oily skin issue would be a mistake. Indeed, a skin with large pores can also have dry areas - which makes it a combination skin- and can also be sensitive.

In the same way, mature skin can suffer from large pores, even if they are not oily or combination. When the skin is aging, it can cause large pores as well.

Another reason can provoke large pores: hormones. If the appearance of large pores is sudden, it can be the result of an internal upheaval coming from a pregnancy - or following one -, a poorly adapted contraceptive pill or any other situation that might have disturbed the hormonal system. In some cases, the sebum can become more active and lead to large pores and breakouts


External causes

The skin is the largest organ of our body, and it reflects our lifestyle and behavior. Having a diet that is too fat or too sweet, sun exposure, not enough sleep, products we use and skin aging can cause an inflammation of the sebaceous glands

Everything has a repercussion on the health of our skin. Large pores are the symptoms.  

Consequences of large pores

When they are enlarged, pores can get infected because of a poor cleansing or the wrong products. They can absorb residues and bacteria. The pores become clogged and lead to the appearance of blackheads and small breakouts - the microcytes recognizable at their white inflammation.

Large pores and breakouts can lead to a real complex. Fortunately, even with a combination or an oily skin, they can be fought and successfully eliminated.

Targeted and natural products

Eliminate the products that do more harm than good

Fighting large pores start with a healthier diet that helps the skin to regenerate and reduce inflammation. But it is not enough.

It is crucial to start a new beauty routine. The products you are currently using may not be adapted to your skin. Some creams, that are too rich and thick, can clog pores. Also, cleansers that are too harsh can lead to the inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

Stay away from serums and other products that claim to make the pores disappear but actually clog them. It is the case of products with silicone that allows the skin to appear poreless by filling them but with time it clogs them.

Beauty products unadapted to your skin can lead to large pores.

Adopting a new beauty routine

To reach the ideal of a smooth and breakout free skin, only one word prevails and it is gentleness. Cleansing needs to be done with a product with a natural composition that doesn't dry out the skin but still removes impurities efficiently. This first step cleanses the pores and oxygenates the skin. 

To further round off the cleansing step and tighten pores, it is essential to use a  purifying alcohol-free tonic lotion . Thanks to a natural ingredient, like witch hazel which is astringent and softening, in a formula that creates a barrier against external aggression, the skin recovers its balance.

Finally, choose a cream that is adapted to your skin type to treat and hydrate it deeply. A product for normal to combination skin that contains the right balance between tea tree essential oil, spearmint and nuts oil, purifies and rebalances the skin. Tea tree oil is famous for its antiseptic and anti imperfection effects. Your skin is moisturized and protected against external aggression. The pores are tighter, and blackheads disappear gradually. 

With this new balancing routine, sebum goes back to its protective role and pores are no longer clogged. Having a healthy skin is possible thanks to an astringent lotion and a cream that truly tightens pores