Peau sèche du visage : mission hydratation !

Dry skin : time to hydrate!

Pour prévenir et éliminer les taches pigmentaires, il est primordial de miser sur des soins ciblés enrichis en actifs anti-taches. PATYKA vous livre ses meilleurs conseils pour retrouver un teint unifié

Ways to hydrate effectively your dry skin

Learn about dry skin’s specific needs, take in all the steps of a suitable beauty routine and discover the perfect PATYKA beauty prescription for hydrating your skin.

Dry skin can be easily diagnosed when certain signs appear. Let’s start with the basics: dry skin doesn’t produce enough sebum to keep the skin’s hydrolipidic film barrier working properly and combatting external aggressors. But why not? Mainly due to insufficient or inadequate sebaceous glands...

As a result, pollution, air conditioning, heat, UV rays, wind and oxidative stress all act as aggressors which weaken your skin and cause that tight feeling you suffer every day. These aggressors often make dry skin peel and the dead cells clogging up the stratum corneum leave skin rough and the complexion dull. The bad news? Dry skin is not temporary: it remains dry over the years, only varying a little across the seasons.

What does dry skin need?

Dry skin’s needs seem obvious: you have to give it nutrients to compensate for its lack of sebum.

Lipids are of course the main actives to look for, but other useful ingredients include ceramides, hydrating actives like hyaluronic acid, emollients and actives which stimulate skin cell activity and protect the skin from ageing like vitamin E and vitamin C.

These ingredients can be found in day creams, facial oils, serums and in gentle make-up removers and facial cleansers if you double cleanse (which you should).

Dry or dehydrated skin?

People can often confuse dry and dehydrated skin. However, it’s important to learn how to distinguish between them. Dry skin lacks lipids and therefore fatty agents, while dehydrated skin sorely lacks water. The two issues can also co-exist: skin is often dry (skin type) as well as dehydrated (skin state). Having lost its lipid shield, the epidermis also lacks water when overstressed as it can’t retain water any longer. The skin is left visibly less plump.

All skin types (normal, dry, oily and combination) can find themselves dehydrated from time to time (for a few days, a few weeks, or a season). Skin is said to be in a dehydrated state at a given moment, whereas dry skin is a permanent skin type.

If you’re still unsure, dry skin often goes hand in hand with a body-wide lack of sebum: dry hair, legs, arms, knees, etc. This condition leaves us addicted to all kinds of balms, oils, creams and butters. Do the test in this article to make sure you’ve got it clear!

The right beauty routine for dry, dehydrated skin

If your skin feels tight and undernourished, you will need to begin a comprehensive gentle beauty routine.

It is better to remove make-up using an oil or milk rather than a micellar water or make-up remover pads which are too abrasive and irritate dry skin.

Next, using a layering technique, apply several thin coats of moisture and nutrition via high-quality plant oils and serums designed specifically for dry skin and to combat the signs of ageing.

Targeted eye products are recommended for every skin type but particularly for dry skin, as are rich moisturising creams.


My dry skin beauty prescription

Thanks to PATYKA’S expertise in beauty products certified organic which don’t compromise on quality or user experience, your skin will be left feeling supple and comfortable.t.

This effective, hydrating make-up removing oil enriched with rosehip and prickly pear extract is the perfect way to eliminate traces of make-up and pollution. Added extra: vitamin E helps the skin strengthen its hydrolipidic film and improves cellular water retention.

The other option for those who prefer a cleansing milk: Unctuous Rosewood Velvet Cleansing Milk is enriched with shea butter, making it the perfect way to pamper skin 

Dry skin inevitably means peeling... You’ve resigned yourself to your forehead, sides of the nose and mouth area peeling, especially in winter, but also whenever the season changes. But it doesn’t have to be this way! A gentle scrub will leave your skin smooth to the touch and looking radiant. The Double Action Smoothing Scrub combines three gentle exfoliating actives, smooths out fine lines and leaves your skin glowing thanks to the fruit acids it contains.

The second stage of our layering routine is to apply a toner! Apply Damask Rose Toning Lotion twice a day to remove traces of hard water used during cleansing which would otherwise leave dry skin feeling tight. This lotion softens the skin and prepares it for subsequent products. Handy hint: it’s ideal for freshening up your skin after a shower! 

This nourishing product contains neroli floral water, apricot kernel oil and cranberry seed oil to hydrate and protect skin from everyday aggressors. The Neroli Face Cream is perfect for daytime use, instantly soothing and comforting the skin to leave it radiant, smooth and balanced.

What could be better than a serum which gently soothes and hydrates sensitive skin thanks to the cottonseed oil it contains? The Lotus and Cotton Quenching Serum is a real saviour for dehydrated skin and should be used in combination with a day- or night-time skincare product.

For visibly plumped skin when you wake up in the morning, use a 100% natural comforting serum which smooths out the skin and imbues it with the lipids it needs to strengthen its protective barrier and stay supple. This serum also has excellent anti-ageing properties and should be used when the first signs of ageing appear: it stimulates overnight cellular renewal and boosts skin regeneration.

By using high-quality products and adopting a helpful lifestyle (making sure you drink enough; steering clear of alcohol and smoking; avoiding sudden temperature fluctuations etc.) your dry skin will be left supple, comfortable and full of life. With this new, healthier skin, you can kiss goodbye to your previous everyday skin tightness and discomfort!