Gommage Corps : mission exfoliation pour une peau douce

Body scrubs: time to exfoliate for softer skin

Pour prévenir et éliminer les taches pigmentaires, il est primordial de miser sur des soins ciblés enrichis en actifs anti-taches. PATYKA vous livre ses meilleurs conseils pour retrouver un teint unifié

Body scrubs: what's the best way to exfoliate your skin?

Why bother with a scrub ?

As well as removing skin impurities and unclogging pores, exfoliation gets rid of toxins and any dead skin cell build-up to help the skin regenerate more effectively. Body scrubs should be part of any beauty routine!

Used regularly, body scrubs can smooth out the skin and enhance the effects of moisturisers and firming products subsequently applied by preparing the skin to absorb them more easily. Scrubs also encourage skin cells to regenerate, leading to longer-lasting beautiful skin.

If you’re off to spend some time in the sun, the best time to use a body scrub is a few days before you depart. This will prepare your skin for holiday tanning and help it achieve a beautiful uniform colour

. In high summer, it’s worth using a gentle scrub to avoid irritating already sun-stressed skin. Never exfoliate sunburnt skin: wait until the burn has healed before using a scrub.

Choosing the right scrub

You probably already know that there are differences between face and body scrubs. The exfoliating particles in the former are finer, making them suitable for more delicate facial skin.

Body scrubs should be used regularly for best results. Once a month is often not enough as bodily (as opposed to facial) skin regenerates quickly and is rubbed more by clothing, leading it to peel. If your skin is normal, combination or oily, you should use a body scrub twice a week. Those with dry, fine and sensitive skin should also exfoliate regularly, but once a week will be enough.

Natural and organic scrubs are worth using as they are better for your skin and health, do not contain synthetic chemicals or petrochemicals and are less aggressive on  sensitive skin. Products certified as organic only contain a limited range of ingredients approved by the organic standard awarding body. Ingredients which could be harmful to skin and health like parabens, PEGs, phthalates, preservatives and synthetic fragrances are forbidden.

The Marine Crystals Revitalising Body Scrub gets rid of dead skin and impurities without affecting the skin barrier. It combines two different exfoliants to deeply exfoliate and beautifully polish the skin, leaving it soft and glowing.

Apply your scrub to clean, damp skin

A small amount of product is enough to cover the whole body. Apply your scrub to clean, damp skin. If skin is damp, the scrub sensation will be less intense and is often better tolerated. 

Exfoliate, working your way up your body using circular motions

Scrubs combat cellulite effectively when rubbed onto your skin for several minutes, working your way up your body using circular motions.

The best way to use your body scrub is to work your way up your body using circular motions. This helps get rid of dead skin and stimulate blood circulation. Scrubs also combat cellulite effectively.

There is no point scrubbing hard as the exfoliant only needs a little friction to work well. However, you can apply a little more pressure in rougher areas like the knees, upper back, calves and soles of the feet.

Use a Kessa glove on the roughest areas

A Kessa glove is the perfect way to soften rough areas and leave skin beautifully soft and smooth!

A Kessa glove is an essential part of a traditional hammam experience, keeping skin soft without damaging the epidermis. This soft glove deeply exfoliates skin without irritating it and is ideal for removing dead cells and impurities.

Dead skin cells tend to build up around the knees and elbows, making these areas rougher and leaving skin less uniform. However, a Kessa glove can smooth and soften this dead skin. Once you have applied your scrub and massaged it onto your whole body, take your Kessa glove and focus on these areas to leave skin beautifully soft.

Rinse your scrub off using warm then cool water

Once you have applied your scrub and massaged it onto your whole body, carefully rinse it off until your skin is clean and free of product.

Start by rinsing your skin in warm water, then use a blast of cold water to tone your epidermis. Cold water has a wealth of benefits for body and skin: it boosts blood circulation, tones the skin, leaves it healthier and helps shift fat cells.

Moisturize after your scrub

After using your scrub, it’s important to moisturise!

You probably know that daily moisturising protects your skin from everyday aggressors and hydrates it to keep it soft and supple. Moisturising is even more crucial after using a scrub as at this point the skin is vulnerable and needs hydration.

Choose the right cream for your skin type: lighter for normal skin and richer for dry skin. Also make sure to select a cream which is easily absorbed by the skin if you are going to be applying it in the morning before getting dressed.

The Almond Blossom Moisturising Body Lotion is a regenerative, easily absorbed product with a light, fluid texture to hydrate and nourish the skin. This cream contains aloe vera with soothing and restorative properties, making it ideal for use after a scrub.