Lumières bleues : leurs effets sur notre visage et comment s'en protéger

Blue lights: their effects on our face and how to protect your skin from them

Pour prévenir et éliminer les taches pigmentaires, il est primordial de miser sur des soins ciblés enrichis en actifs anti-taches. PATYKA vous livre ses meilleurs conseils pour retrouver un teint unifié

Why is it so important to protect your skin from blue lights? 

Our exposition to blue light increase and will continue to do so

Blue light is naturally emitted by the sun but also by screens (computer, TV, smartphones,...). This blue light has long-term negative effects since you spend on average more than 30 minutes in front of a screen. Our lifestyles have evolved and we spend now, on average, six hours a day in front of screens! 


Lumière bleue smartphone

Adverse effects of blue lights on skin

A duller complexion and more imperfections

Blue lights cause cutaneous oxidation: by releasing free radicals, cell membranes oxidize and harm the skin cell regeneration system. The result: complexion becomes dull and imperfections appear.

Premature aging of the skin

Exposure to blue lights is one of the top 3 factors responsible for premature skin aging with sun and pollution. The blue lights of our screens penetrate deep into the dermis and gradually reduce the ability of skin cells to regenerate. The consequences are not immediately visible but the premature cutaneous aging does exist. As skin is regenerating less and less, fine lines and wrinkles appear and the skin also loses its bounce and elasticity.

Apparition of dark spots on the epidermis

Third harmful effect of cellular oxidation: pigment spots appear because cells are renewed less quickly and less efficiently and melanin clusters are created more easily.

Lumière bleue visage

Beauty tips to protect your skin from blue lights effects

Limit blue light exposure

This is not easy, but the most effective way to limit the effects of blue light is obviously to limit our exposure to it. Whenever possible, try to limit the time spent in front of screens. However, if the time spent in front of your computer or smartphone remains high, you can download on them a blue light filter application and thus limit its effect on your skin.

Foodwise, think about vitamins A, C, and E

To protect the skin from oxidative stress caused by blue lights, you can rely on a supply of vitamins A, C, and E directly in the plate or by topical application thanks to skincare

The richest fruits in vitamin C are kiwi, strawberry and citrus fruits. Vitamin E, for its part, is particularly present in almonds and hazelnuts. 

A small bowl of fruit in the morning will help you to fight against free radicals produced by blue light!

Clean your skin daily and exfoliate to let it breathe

Clean your skin thanks to the double-cleansing method. This is the secret to even complexion because it removes bacteria and traces of pollution clogging your pores. Your skin will breathe better and will be able to regenerate more easily.

Once a week, stimulate cell renewal with a scrub

To keep a luminous complexion and purify the skin, it is ideal to scrub your face with a gentle scrub formulated with AHA to efficiently de-clog pores as the  Double-Action Smoothing Scrub. Repeat once a week to stimulate cell renewal, slowing down due to blue lights exposure. By exfoliating your skin, you remove dead skins that accumulate on the skin and regain a bright, radiant and even complexion.


  Brume anti lumière bleue 

Protect your skin from free radicals

To neutralize free radicals, nothing better than antioxidants!

Antioxidants have a protective action against free radicals, that's why they are strongly recommended to fight against oxidative stress and protect the skin from blue lights. Butterfly bush flower extract or Goji berries are antioxidants that stimulate the natural defenses of the skin and protect cells against radical attacks caused by infra-red, blue lights, UV, etc... The products of the 1st Signs of Aging range are rich in antioxidant actives and help the skin to stay radiant and prevent the first signs of aging. The Anti-Pollution Hydra-Defense Mist is THE product you need to protect your skin all day long from harmful particles and blue lights from your screens. Spray it in the morning and during the day: in one move, you protect and moisturize your skin while refreshing and fixing your makeup! 

Apply sunscreen daily

It can not be repeated enough: wearing sunscreen every day and throughout the year is essential if you want your skin to stay beautiful and young longer. On a daily basis, apply an SPF at the end of your skincare routine (after applying your serum and then your cream). This will protect your skin from the blue light emitted by the sun but also from the apparition of pigment spots due to the sun.